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Liya Smekun
Founder Medical Business Forum
My name is Liya and I am the author and the curator of educational projects for doctors and top managers of medical clinics.

I have begun to organize big conferences about business for those who build successful medical business a few years ago.

My audience has great interest to experience of the organization of medical business in Europe.

Therefore since 2017 I and my team we do offside events in Europe.

Our groups visit clinics that use the latest technologies in the field of diagnosis and treatment of patients.
The main task: To get the business experience of outstanding clinics in Europe!
Format Of The Visits
15-20 person.
Top managers and owners of private clinics in Ukraine and Russia.
Number of excursions
Visit 5-7 clinics with various specializations and features.
Time of one excursion
1-3 hours time to visit one clinic: presentation of the clinic and excursion on it.
The main audience - from Ukraine and Russia
events are held in Russian.
Presentation Clinic
During the visit, the clinic representative makes a presentation to our group
Features of management
Work with staff
Business model
In December, 2017
We have visited 6 clinics in the north of Germany.

It was very interesting business trip about which all 15 participants have left fine reviews.

We know our audience well and protect it very much.
Therefore, we will be pleased to assist you in preparing the presentation:

In advance we will give questions, answers to which it will be interesting to hear the group.
We will provide contacts and additional information for each member of the group.
We can send in advance a presentation about your clinic for each member of the group.

We are preparing a series of spring tours
for clinics in Italy and Germany

We will be glad to new acquaintances!
It is important to show the participants the most iconic and top clinics in your country.
Photo Reports
visiting clinics
Plan our Business Tour in your clinic
Leave your request and we'll contact you
We don't plan to give your personal data to the third party.
These data are necessary to write to you about further cooperation.
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Curator of the Medical Business Forum
Liya Smekun